More on Illiberal Democracies…

Democracy’s Disintegration in Turkey in NYT.

There is no question that Erdogan is genuinely popular and, within the confines of Turkish electoral and parliamentary laws, he and his party enjoys the mandate to rule.  It is equally obvious that his brand of “democracy” is also highly illiberal, depending on the right of those who control the machinery of rule to deprive their enemies at will without any credible commitment to restraint–the old Keamlist retraints having been, ironically, steadily eroded in the name of “democracy.”

This, again, is an illustration of the paradox of “democracy.”  As per my discussion of the problems in American democratic politics, the institutions of “democratic” rule can be subverted to justify what essentially constitutes a minority rule by a “de jure majority,” but the real problem is not that the rule is by a minority, but that it is abusive and engenders future instability and possible collapse.

More on this topic later…


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