Michigan, Part II.

Not enough time, so just a quick remark.

As I’ve been insisting, all the “wins” by Hillary Clinton have been in fact illustrating how weak she is as a general election candidate, in form of her utter inability to draw in those who were not loyal Democratic partisans.  Especially if she faces Trump, that means that the only way she could win would be by hoping for Republican defectors disgusted with Trump, among the college educated Republicans who are usually the most partisan voters.  If anything, the Democrats should have been worried sick at how lousy a candidate she is for general election.

Now, Sanders just beat Clinton by mobilizing non-Democrats, the so-called Missing White Voters against all the hurdles put up by the Democratic Party establishment.  These same Missing White Voters are also being courted by Donald Trump who seems to be winning a decent chunk of them.  That seems like a crippling weakness for Clinton.

So will the Democrats keep stupidly vilifying the Missing White Voters or try to do something about drawing them into their coalition?  (and yes, the same goes for the Republicans and their equally stupid anti-Trump campaign…)

PS.  The polls screwed up by taking their idea of “likely primary voters” too damn seriously.  Sometimes, things change.  You need to update your theory so that you can approach theories differently when the data that don’t look like what you were expecting based on old assumptions keep coming in.  We used to call it “science.”  Maybe we should try it more often in the future.


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