Missing Voters and Social Capital

This article makes a similar point about the “missing white voters” as I did for “missing black voters” in an earlier post.  I would not say that the socially disconnected voters are supporting Trump because they are socially disconnected necessarily–at least not directly.  Rather, their lack of social connectedness makes them less useful, so their needs are not addressed and the agenda is chosen without regard for them.  This indifference by the party insiders drives their support for outsider candidates.

In a way, Trumpism is the white version of Black Lives Matter, with the same basic social dynamics, but perhaps with a better demagogue leading it.  This is, of course, also a second act:  the same demographic segment also triggered the Tea Partyism in 2010, only to have the movement hijacked by the conservatives (not necessarily mainstream Republicans–basically, Ted Cruz supporters today) in their bid to take over the Republican Party.  Is today’s movement any different?  One difference is that, while the faux Tea Party–the post hijack variant–had a definite long term political agenda, of taking over the GOP to advance their politics roughshod, Trump’s political vision is much murkier.  It is still doubtful if he actually wants to advance the well being of the “missing white voters,” however…..


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