MWV’s and Democrats…

This NYT article buries the interesting twist under a not-so-interesting headline.  On the one hand, the number of s0-called “missing white voters” is exaggerated:  the electorate that voted in 2012 was not as diverse as the exit polls indicated, if cross-referenced with other sources.  On the other hand, the white voters that were missing in 2012 tended to be those who would have been inclined to support Democrats.  It does beg the question where were these voters missing?  My hunch has always been that they are residents of seemingly “safe” Republican districts.  Rather than the key to the Republicans retaking the White House, I think they are the key to the Democrats retaking the House of Representatives–if they are clever enough to take advantage.  As far as I see it, though, HRC seem eager to kick them to the curb and force them out of the Democratic Party.  I don’t think Trump has a good chance, but HRC seems to be trying very hard to improve it.


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