I did not know about this idea about “Rationalia” until just right now.  I’ll join the cacophony of people (alas too few who are not too obviously political) who think it’s a terrible idea.  In a way, it’s a nice complement to my earlier observation about Arrow:  how Arrow’s real contribution was that democratic rule is messy, chaotic, and irrational, and the only way to bring order and “rationality” into it is to limit participation, until there is everyone, the “ultimate voice of reason” (i.e. the “dictator”) who by force of rationality can overrule everyone.  If you think this is a terrible idea, so apparently did Arrow, although this was not acceptable to those who thought that democracy should always be orderly, rational, and predictable too, I suppose.

N. D. Tyson’s Rationalia, in this sense, is the tyranny of reason, the dictatorship of “rationality,” a “predictable” hell stuck in the pre-quantum mechanical universe.  Neither an interesting or a happy place.


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