Obama and Trump: Profiles in Hope and Change.

The election results are barely a few hours old and the crapfest is already starting.

With all due respect, Kraushaar’s claim is nonsense.  Obama and Trump are tapping into some of the similar impulses.   A surprising proportion of voters, especially in the economically depressed parts of country, many working class white voters voted for Obama in previous elections, as Nate Cohn observes.  Let us not forget that it was Iowa that put Obama on the electoral map in 2008.  Many voters saw in him a break from the status quo and saw in him a chance to change things up, in hope against “realism,” ironically, represented in the form of Hillary Clinton back then, as again in 2016.  Fast forward 8 years, these voters were split between Sanders and Trump, torn by their ideological moorings but driven by the same impulse, the distrust in the status quo, hoping for a change, against the same embodiment of the status quo–Hillary Clinton. Once again, hope and change won the day, but with a lot more anger and fear added to the mixture.

So like Obama before him, Trump faces an unprecedented opportunity, without the due preparations for it.  Obama failed to deliver on it in 2009, a set of changes that justified all the hope that was riding on it.  Will Trump deliver on the change that he promised?  Will we like that change?  The whole of America awaits…and f’ck the rest of the world–no offense, but we are Americans, not the world, and we like our country the most in the end.


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